Pre Christmas Eve and The Culture of Weddings

Greetings from Colorado Wedding Productions!  

  It's the night before Christmas Eve and I'm out in New York, sitting around a dining table filled with red wine, hand gestures, and laughter born from an Italian family that sees each other too infrequently.  My aunt and a family friend are both event managers at the Hilton down the street, and our conversation turns to weddings.  

  As stories fly around the table I'm realizing the differences between the Colorado and New York culture and how they are reflected in the weddings I am given the honor of being a part of.  On the east coast it's all about BIG production!  Flashy lights, over the top decor, and grand spectacle.  Colorado weddings, while still having elements of all of that, tend to be more low key and focused on the intimacy and meaning of the night.  Both types are great and leave the bride and groom with different feelings of satisfaction.  

  In the end it's not about following the culture of the place you live, but following the values that fit you and your loved one to create a night that holds the most meaning to you.  Whether you found your way to us for our wedding photography, DJ, videography, or officiant services for the Denver and Boulder area, we are here to help.  In fact it's what we love most about our work; being a part of a truly special and sincere union, and helping to create the celebration of it.

Kindest Regards,

Shaun Piazza

Professional Wedding DJ and Founder of Colorado Wedding Productions