What Happens If Your Vendor Can't Make Your Wedding!?

  You've found a Photographer, DJ, Videographer, or Officiant that you are interested in and you've set up a meeting in the Denver or Boulder area.  Now what?  You've never been through this before!  You're inexperienced in planning a wedding and selecting vendors to work that wedding.  At some point during that intake meeting the vendor is sure to ask you "What questions do you have for me?"  Where couples go with their questions are all over the map, but I want to address one that is both a common question and an important one.  The question is "If something drastic happens and my vendor can no longer come to my wedding, what will Colorado Wedding Productions do?"  First, let me say that this is a rarity.  In 7 years of working with weddings we have never missed one (knock on wood).  We are personally connected with a much larger Michigan company that works several thousand weddings a year, and in 9 years of having an on call back up system in place they have only had to use it once!  So it is unlikely and takes something big (such as a serious injury or a family death) to make it happen.  That being said, it is an important question.  The ideal situation would be that we have an on call Photographer, DJ, Videographer, and Officiant for each date so that if something did happen we could quickly replace them.  This is where we are headed but unfortunately we have not reached the quantity of weddings and people involved to be able to pull it off.  Instead we rely on the community we are a part of.  We are connected on both a professional and personal level with many wedding professionals of every type of roll in Denver, Boulder, and the all of the surrounding areas.  If there was an emergency we would reach out to those people and do everything possible to get the position covered.  We would not abandon you to fend for yourself.

Kindest Regards,

Shaun Piazza

Professional Wedding DJ and Founder of Colorado Wedding Productions