Winter Is Here! When Will It Be Spring?!?!

Photo taken by Amber

Photo taken by Amber

  Fall has officially passed us along with all of the beautiful fall Colorado scenes for your wedding backdrop.  But not to worry, Spring is coming and like fall it also provides an alpine skyline flushed white with snow above warm welcoming forest meadows just waking up and vibrant with new long as you get the date right!  Choosing when to have a spring elopement or wedding can be difficult, and that's ok.  You select a date that fits best with you and then release any attachment from it coming out one way or the other.  There may be snow on the ground, there may not be.  It may be warm, it may be cold.  Prepare for it all and stay focused on how wonderful your wedding is going to be regardless of what the weather does!  If anything the changing weather just provides a unique and special feel to it all.  If you are going to be at a venue they will have a decent idea of what certain dates tend to look like.  But if you are having an adventure wedding or elopement it is all about what elevation you will be at.  There are many locations around Denver and Boulder that provide the mountainous spring feel and backdrop. The picture attached to this blog was taken in February at 9000 feet near Allenspark.  The day was perfect, and I would consider it lucky.  March into April is a better bet for that area/elevation.  If you want a true Denver/Boulder area adventure wedding consider the Crater Lakes in the Indian Peaks.  These sit at an elevation of around 10,500' and will still have splashes of snow in July. We're here to help with your Colorado wedding planning and date selection, just reach out. 

Kindest Regards,

Shaun Piazza

Professional Wedding DJ and Founder of Colorado Wedding Productions