Married in the Mountains; The Uniqueness of a Colorado Wedding in your Invitations!

Photo taken by Mary

Photo taken by Mary

  Colorado is a very special state, and the people who live here know it and wholly embrace the outdoor mountain mentality.  Couples who choose to celebrate their commitment to one another with a wedding ceremony in the Mountains (whether you live in Colorado or not!) seek out that feel, that grand mountain landscape, that connection with nature which Denver, Boulder, and the Colorado Mountains offer in their own unique way.  

  Being a wedding professional in Boulder means that we also seek out and love to include the mountain feel and natural connection in the weddings we work with.  It mixes our passions and work life seamlessly.  In this profession, we interact with many other vendors who cater to Colorado Mountain Weddings, and we tend to connect and respect each other's work whether it be photography, videography, officiants, decorations, or in this case invites.  I am writing this blog to link an invite specialist company that will customize and cater to a mountain feel on save the dates and invitations.  It is an online based platform called Basic Invite which allows full customization and uploading of photos for card backdrops.  They come out beautifully!  If you want to include the mountain feel in your save the dates and invitations check out Basic Invite.  I've linked two fantastic examples below.

-Mountain Example

-Forest Example

Kindest Regards,

Shaun Piazza

Professional Wedding DJ and Founder of Colorado Wedding Productions