The Meaning of Life; February Elopement Wedding in the Rockies

  On rare occasions, we are blessed with the opportunity to be in a certain place, at a certain time, with certain people, and everything is perfect.  To be able to celebrate your love for your partner and be married to them in just such a moment transcends any definition of words.  These are the moments we live for, the moments that give our life meaning.  Courtney and Blaine's life seems to be filled with these moments.  While driving up to Allenspark with Lisa (who would soon play the role of minister for this beautiful couple) she told me some of the stories Courtney and Blaine had shared with her to give her an understanding of who they are.  These stories were filled with laughter and joy, and so permeated with the love that they share for each other that I could not help but smile the whole trip.  That's 45 minutes of nothing but smiles, thanks Courtney and Blaine!

  The latest chapter to be added to their story is a dream of a mountain wedding completely surrounded by nature (nothing man made!  They were very adamant), a fateful connection with Colorado Wedding Productions, a flight from Texas to Estes Park, and finally the culmination of that dream on a rock outcrop Blaine discovered himself with Mt. Meeker and Longs Peak standing witness.  Amber captured the day with all of her talent and passion.  Please meet Courtney and Blaine. 

The gallery above is a sample of the many photos from the day.  I hope you enjoyed Amber's talents!

Kindest Regards,

Shaun Piazza,

Professional Wedding DJ and Founder of Colorado Wedding Productions