The Master of Ceremony Role

  In hundreds of meetings about our Colorado wedding DJ service with brides and grooms to be I have asked couples if there was anything they wanted to make sure we did at their wedding or anything they wanted to make sure we did not do.  The theme of the answer to these questions almost always has to do with the Master of Ceremony role.  This role is all about leading the night forward in a timely manner without stressing, pushing too hard, or leaving anyone out.  It requires awareness and communication, and while it happens more in the background than the DJ role we consider it a major part of what it means to be a wedding DJ.  Our Colorado Wedding Production DJ team speaks about it often and we are always trying to improve how we interact as the Master of Ceremony.  A DJ who does not fulfill the Master of Ceremony role well is the most common horror story about wedding DJs, and on the flip side an MC who does a great job is the most common compliment given to a DJ by other wedding professionals.  We strive to be on the side receiving praise for how well we work with others and how well we manage the night.

  Your Colorado Wedding Productions DJ will speak with each of the other vendors involved often throughout the evening to make sure everyone is on the same time frame and prepared for the next event.  Often times the photographer needs to reload some flash batteries before your first dance or needs a drink of water before the grand entrance because they've been running all over the place!  We make a point of knowing this and wait for everyone to be prepared while maintaining the atmosphere with our music selection.  Your DJ will also speak with you and your partner occasionally throughout the night to see how you are feeling and if you are ready for the next event.  They will facilitate if you need some time to take a breather, bustle a dress, speak with family, or take a shot with close friends.  We are there to make the night as enjoyable as possible, and will be engaged and aware at all times.  And if we see something that needs to be done outside of our standard job, we'll cover that too.  We've been known to help set up chairs, tear down tables to open a dance floor, and even carry grandma's plate down the buffet line.  It's the nature of weddings, and we are there to help.

Kindest Regards,

Shaun Piazza

Professional Wedding DJ and Founder of Colorado Wedding Productions