Day Of: When To Have Your Photographer Begin

  Almost all Denver area wedding photographers work on some sort of time frame, and additional hours can be pricey.  Knowing when to have your photographer start and stop on the day of your wedding is important!  Your wedding day pictures should lay out like a beautiful story reminding you for years to come of all of the little moments your mind was too preoccupied to appreciate at the time and allowing you to revisit the emotion from each part of the day.  Typically this means starting with the bride's preparations.  If you have access to the venue or someplace close by having your hair and makeup done on location can limit the amount of time the photographer spends traveling between places and maximizes the number of photos they will take.  When you reach the end of the night most dancing looks the same (unless you know there will be some crazy candid moments as the night goes on!), so having the photographer leave a little while after the formal dancing is over is usually just fine.  And remember, if you want the grooms and groomsmen captured during their time before the wedding you will need to enlist a secondary photographer.  This is a person who your primary photographer trusts and selects to join them during your wedding to capture everything they might miss.  The cost is much less than the primary photographer, and at the end of the night the secondary photographer will turn all of their images over to your main photographer so that the editing style on your finished gallery is consistent and professional.  Have a wonderful wedding!

Kindest Regards,

Shaun Piazza

Professional Wedding DJ and Founder of Colorado Wedding Productions