The Origins of and New Idea for the Bouquet Toss

  I love when I get to write about some aspect of a wedding that is incredibly romantic and makes you feel more sincere, more in touch, and more in love with your Colorado wedding.  Unfortunately, this post doesn't start that way!  Hopefully by the end you will leave with that feeling.  

  Bride's have been carrying flower bouquet's during their wedding for a long long time.  It started out as being a way to mask the smell of the Bride in a time when people bathed much less frequently.  Very romantic right?  But Brides have always been considered extremely lucky on the day of their wedding, and that belief led to a tradition of guests trying to tear a small piece from the Bride's dress to obtain some of their good fortune.  Soon that tradition transformed into the Bride sharing her love and luck willingly by giving the bouquet to her guests, the Bouquet toss!  

  Ok, we're getting closer.

  This weekend I have the great fortune of being the DJ and Master of Ceremony for a couple up at The Farmette in Lyons Colorado.  This couple is all about making sure every event they are including in their celebration has a meaning and is not just tradition.  When it comes time to toss the bouquet the Bride will be sharing her love and fortune with her female guests, and she wants to share it with all of them!  She's had her florist create what I like to call the shotgun bouquet (I think it's properly called a break away bouquet, but shotgun gets the point across well).  The idea is simple, yet very meaningful.  I will give a brief backstory on the reason of the bouquet before asking all woman (not just the single ones) to come join the Bride.  When she throws the bouquet it is meant to break apart so that everyone might get a piece of that love a luck.  It avoids any sort of targeting of the single woman and has a very positive message.  Maybe something to consider for your wedding?


Photo taken by Mary

Photo taken by Mary

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