The Power of a Team Wedding: Denver, Colorado

 Photo taken by  Amber

Photo taken by Amber

   At the end of November 2016 we provided all three of our major services; wedding photography, videography, and DJ, for the first time for a Denver wedding.  This blog post is meant to honor that milestone and tell you about how incredible the evening turned out to be! 

  When I created this company and this webpage the first words I put down onto the server were "we are a team-oriented company."  This wasn't a polished thought or final revision, it was my brain beginning to put into words the values and feelings that had been growing there since conceptualizing Colorado Wedding Productions.  I knew that I wanted a feel of community and teamwork in a business that is often solitary for the vendors.  It's crazy when you think about it.  We provide services for a moment meant to embody and celebrate love and togetherness but we often times provide that service solo, without interacting, helping, or in some cases even remembering the names of the other vendors.  I didn't want that to be Colorado Wedding Productions.  I wanted this company to represent a better way of providing wedding services.  I began to make a very deliberate point (and still do!) of interacting with the various wedding vendors I worked with, vetting their abilities, getting a sense of who they were and what worked well for them, and forming relationships.  The hope was to be able to work often with the people I considered to be the most talented, most professional, and most helpful towards others, and slowly we gathered people together!  

  Katelyn and Jacob reached out to us early in 2016.  We spoke often through emails and arranged a time to meet.  They were quick to book our DJ service but took some time with the photography and video service.  Admittedly our company was born out of the DJ service, and so our review base and representation are much stronger in that area.  But the professionals we have providing photo and video have been about their business much longer than Colorado Wedding Productions has as a company, and soon Katelyn and Jacob were sold.  

  Fast forward to November 2016.  Me, Amber, Mary, Ben, and Lindsey all come together for the big night, and it goes flawlessly.  Not only was the wedding beautiful, filled with sincere expressions of love mixed with a wild party, but the ease and joy of being able to cover everything needed on our end to make that happen as a team was fantastic.  We trusted one another, we helped one another, and we enjoyed doing it.  The result was an excellent DJ service, a beautiful photo gallery, and a touching film.  Katelyn and Jacob were ecstatic, and wrote us one of our best reviews to date which I've included below.  If you are interested in having photo, video, and a DJ at your wedding please reach out to me.  Let me know what budget you hope to stay in and I will do my best to make it work.  There is a lot of value in us being able to work together.  Thank you for considering us.

  I've included the video and full gallery of Katelyn and Jacob's wedding below, as well as the very thoughtful review Katelyn wrote for us.

Video created by Ben.

"Brides, PLEASE READ!! We chose CWP for ALL THREE SERVICES (music, photography, videography) and we were blown away! We addressed each area of expertise individually, because they are all unique in their work and each deserve a separate acknowledgment. Music: Shaun Piazza (DJ/Master of Ceremony) We cannot emphasize enough how FANTASTIC Shaun truly is! We can easily say, our wedding wouldn’t have been the same without him. If you are looking for a DJ who is not only professional and responsible, but can read a crowd and have fun, this is your guy! He really worked with our budget, met with us whenever we wanted, confirmed all details days before the wedding to ensure our day would go perfectly, and made the day of our wedding run so smoothly and with the biggest smile on his face! He managed our entire night from start to finish! Along with being extremely organized and dedicated to our wedding, Shaun continuously checked in with us to ensure things were going the way we wanted it to! Not only were we thoroughly impressed, but our friends/family were as well! Thanks to Shaun and his unbelievable devotion to our wedding, our day was flawless! Photography: Amber and Mary We were so lucky to have these two lead photographers at our wedding! Amber is such a fun, creative, and innovative individual and we would HIGHLY RECOMMEND her! We really appreciate how she encouraged us to choose poses, backdrops, etc., but also wasn’t afraid to take charge when we weren’t sure what to do next! She made our photo-taking experience fun, quick, and efficient! Mary also did an OUTSTANDING job! She is such a kind and wonderful individual who takes beautiful photos. Mary made it easy to take “natural photos” because she blended in with our family and friends so easily. Both of these ladies were FANTASTIC and everyone who has seen our photos are tremendously impressed with their work! They took photography to an entirely new level! Along with taking “traditional” wedding photos, they took unique photos that really emphasize their extraordinary skills. If you want exceptional photographers at your wedding, please consider Amber and Mary! Videography: Ben and Lindsay We are so happy we had Ben and Lindsay document our day! Ben is such a FUN individual who wasn’t afraid to get in there and start recording the moment we arrived. He brought with him this unbelievable camera that moved in every direction, which made for some great footage! The recording was very smooth and his creative mind just wouldn’t stop! I can honestly say, he is the most talented videographer we have ever met! Lindsay, our second videographer, was AMAZING! She was such a pleasure to work with and blended into our day so nicely! She has her own unique take on videography, which we loved! Collectively, they created one incredible video in the end that my husband and I were speechless! We were so lucky to have this incredible duo at our wedding and would recommend them to anyone! Weddings can be stressful, but thanks to CWP, our day was stress-free and absolutely incredible! We would highly recommend any of these professionals, especially all of them together because they work so well as a team! It didn’t feel like they were there for a job, but rather to be a part of our day and make it as wonderful as possible! Please consider CWP for your wedding! They are the reason our day was so perfect and why our family and friends called it “one of the best weddings they have ever been to!”     -Katelyn and Jacob, The Barn at Raccoon Creek, November 2016


Shaun Piazza

Professional Wedding DJ and Founder of Colorado Wedding Productions