Spring Time Adventure Weddings and Elopements in Colorado

 An Allenspark photo by  Amber

An Allenspark photo by Amber

  Spring is officially here and Colorado looks beautiful!  This is the most popular time for Elopements and Adventure Weddings and we couldn't be happier about all of the beautiful ceremonies and experiences we are getting to help create and photograph.  We are very excited to further our expertise with these unique weddings, and have spent a lot of time rambling around the wilderness looking for new locations to host them.  I want to use this blog to unveil two new locations providing two unique experiences that we can't wait to include in our Colorado Elopement and Adventure Wedding Services!

Allenspark: National Forest and Rocky Mountain National Park

Photos below taken by Mary

  Allenspark is an ideal spot for seclusion and natural Rocky Mountain beauty.  The location we use borders Rocky Mountain National Park but is far enough removed from any major roads (it's a few miles back on a dirt road) to allow for the complete absence of other tourists.  If you see anyone at all it will be a camper enjoying the many dispersed campsites in the area.  We would drive back together, then take a 1/4 - 1/2 mile hike up a steep rock outcropping that would provide complete seclusion.  Standing witness in the background are two of Colorado's iconic big mountains, Longs Peak at 14,259' and Mt. Meeker at 13,911' of elevation.  Most spring days are 70 degrees, sunny, and calm with the big mountains showing snow covered caps, creating an epic skyline (they keep their snow until late summer).  The location is open nearly year round depending on how severe of a winter we have had.  It's feasible to shoot for a date as late as November or as early as March (or even late February) with the safest times being April through early October.  The earlier in the spring or later in the fall you are the higher the chance for wind, rain, or snow.


Boulder / Gold Hill: National Forest

(Note: the images below are unpolished cell phone images.  A full edited gallery from us would look much better and show the surrounding snow covered Indian Peaks more clearly)

  A short 30 minute drive west from Boulder,  you travel through a unique fully functional old mining town, enter onto some dirt county roads surrounded by a young aspen grove, and finally take an easy 1/4 mile hike to a secluded overlook with 360 degree views.  The surrounding Indian Peaks aren't quite as high as Longs and Meeker but they are still grand and fill the skyline with snowy mountain tops.  The whole area is tied together by miles and miles of Jeep roads, and if you want an off road adventure wedding we can spend time driving around, allowing you to explore the wilderness and find the spot you like best for your wedding ceremony while having lots of fun in a Jeep!

  If you are interested in having a Colorado Adventure Wedding or Elopement we are excited to make it happen.  These are two great locations but we have more on our mind and are open to any ideas you may have, even if it involves big hikes or other challenges.  We look forward to hearing from you!


Shaun Piazza

Professional Wedding DJ and Founder of Colorado Wedding Productions