Reception DJ Service:

  There's a lot that goes into being a great wedding DJ and Master of Ceremony, and we know the role well.  When you hire a Colorado Wedding Productions DJ, this is what you can expect:

  We will provide professional audio equipment, a wireless microphone for speeches and toasts, enough moving LED dance lights to fill a large dance floor, a 60's-current comprehensive music library with the ability to buy and download missing request songs on the spot, and additional back up equipment for the key pieces.  Your DJ will personally be in touch with you to assist with planning and we provide a form to help you communicate everything your DJ needs to know.  On the day of your wedding your DJ will arrive an hour and a half before your guests are due to arrive and will be dressed in a vest, suit, or full tux (depending on the weather and personal style!) by the time your first guest arrives.  

  Once the night kicks off we will play the right music, make smooth song transitions, and create a rocking party atmosphere.  But more than that we will be a true Master of Ceremony, available and committed to doing what is necessary to make the events of the night flow smoothly.  Before you arrive at your reception we have already made a connection with the hall manager and compared notes on the night.  As your celebration unfolds we are in constant communication with the other vendors and planners to make sure everyone is on the same page and is ready for what's happening next.  When we use the microphone we speak with calm sincerity and only use it when it's needed to manage the evening (no corny party pumping!). When a guest is going to give a toast or a blessing we speak with that person before hand to give them a heads up and make sure they know how to use the mic and where to stand for great photos with you.  And best of all, we speak with you occasionally throughout the evening to see how you are feeling, let you know what's happening next, and facilitate if you need some time to visit with family, bustle a dress, or just take a shot with your friends.  Leave it to us, we'll handle it.

Ceremony DJ service:

  Do you need music and a mic for your ceremony as well?  No problem!  We can provide an extra speaker and a top of the line digital lapel microphone for the officiant (it gives them use of both of their hands and doesn't show up in your pictures!).  Your DJ will handle all of your personal music choices (or reccomend songs to you) and communicate with the event manager to make sure it all goes off without a hitch.  If you don't have someone appointed to the management tasks, we'll cover that too.

Itemized DJ Service


  1. Professional, well dressed DJ and MC who knows your plan and has prepared for your reception.
  2. High end audio equipment for clear sound and a rocking party!
  3. A high end handheld wireless mic for speeches and toasts.
  4. 2-3 club style LED dance lights.
  5. Personal planning assistance. 
  6. Back up equipment for the key pieces.
  7. Comprehensive music library from the 60's to current times and the ability to buy and download missing requested songs on the spot.
  8. 18" subwoofer for large weddings or the couple who loves their bass. *Upcharge applies.


  1. Professional, well dressed DJ who knows your plan and has prepared for your ceremony.
  2. Digital Shure wireless lapel mic for your officiant (top of the line and no mic stands in pictures!)
  3. Separate setups allowing a seamless transition from the ceremony to cocktail hour without the need to move equipment.