Kira A.

Professional Wedding Photographer

Kira is always up for an adventure. She loves anything creative and unconventional. Her passion for photography sparked in high school where she was constantly documenting the emotions of her adolescence. She decided to turn her passion into a career, studying Photography in college. Shortly after, Kira moved from Florida to NYC where she was heavily involved with producing, styling, and retouching in the commercial photo Industry. Since 2010, she has worked with some of the best in the business, and know that being behind the camera is where her heart belongs.

Kira found her love for weddings in 2015. She loves the natural beauty and good feelings that weddings bring, and has found that her down to earth personality eases the stress of the day, producing a more organic and candid experience. Kira loves the unique connections and raw stories that each person has to share – there’s nothing more beautiful than capturing a real, honest emotion. These are the moments she searches for.

When Kira is not taking pictures, you can find her snowboarding in the winter and searching for a body of water to jump in during the summer with her fiance and Blue Heeler, Z.

You can see examples of Kira's artistry by following the link below:

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