Adventure Locations

The whole Colorado Wedding Productions team is passionate about exploring the mountains,
and as we do so we look for beautiful locations that are intimate and away from tourist centers where you could have your elopement or Adventure Wedding!

All of our recommended locations meet the criteria of being beautiful, mountain centric, and off the beaten path.
But everyone has a unique vision for the experience of their Colorado wedding, and we've found it helpful in working with couples on their Adventure Weddings to classify three levels of "Adventure". The one that is right for you is the one with the right blend of natural beauty, seclusion, and logistical/physical demand.

Below are some locations that we know well and have used in the past. We would be excited to host your Elopement at any of these places or explore a new location with you. We are all avid adventurers and would love to hear about your vision for your Adventure Wedding so that we may help you make it a reality.

Level 1 Locations

These are locations that are roadside or nearly roadside access requiring minimal hiking.
The views are beautiful but there is a chance of other people being around (except at the private land location).

If you are intending to have any family or friends with you this is usually the best idea.

Level 2 Locations

These are locations requiring about a 1/2 mile of hiking. The hike is small enough that you would get dressed and prepared beforehand and then make the hike in your dress and suit.
These locations provide beautiful views and a good amount of privacy.

Guests could come along but they would have to be sure footed and able to make a 1/2 mile hike.

Level 3 Locations

These are locations requiring a longer hike which you would not want to do in your dress clothes!
They offer the highest level of seclusion and logistical difficulty.