Ben D.

Professional Videographer
Ben has 20 years worth of experience capturing stories and memories as a professional videographer and photographer in Denver, Boulder, and Colorado at large. His profession has afforded him life moments that go beyond any conventional sense of value. Using artistry to share those moments with friends, family, and other enthusiasts excites Ben and fuels his drive to improve his skills as a wedding videographer. In the words of Ben, "We live in an amazing time that allows us to present photos and video in all its rich essence." Ben has a tender soul and loves capturing emotions on camera. This is the root of his love for weddings. To reflect that moment back to the people involved, to see them relive a momentous day, to see them smile; this is what feeds his passion for film. Ben grew up in the mountains of Colorado. He is an avid skier, mountain biker, and everything outdoors-man. He began his career as an adventure photographer & videographer to allow himself freedom to express art within this magical state he calls home. As an adult he has turned that artistic expression to weddings. To combine emotions with amazing surroundings is what makes Ben tick. Your day has a story. Your life has a story. Your love has a story. Ben can help tell it. You can see examples of Ben's work with weddings below: