Erik J.

Professional Officiant
Erik came to love weddings through work with his wife Jillian; a professional wedding planner. While working as a glorified lackey, he always found himself drawn to wedding ceremonies. It is the single most important moment of a couple's wedding day, yet too often is treated as something to get out of the way to get to the party. When the opportunity arose to marry his brother-in-law and his fiance, Erik jumped at the chance to help them create a ceremony that they'd remember and hold as a meaningful and purposeful moment for the rest of their lives. Nothing is more important to Erik than you and your partner designing and bringing to life the wedding ceremony of your dreams. He approaches each wedding as an opportunity to meeting new friends and discover what makes your love unique. His focus is on bringing out through conversation your favorite stories, greatest moments, and lifelong desires, so you and your partner will forever remember your ceremony as the amazing proclamation of your love that you wanted it to be. You can watch a video of an Adventure Wedding Erik officiated and narrated for below.