Courtland W.

Professional Wedding Photographer

Courtland is a pure-bread Coloradan who loves traveling the world and experiencing different cultures and customs. He is passionate about documenting the special moments in life that make us stop and think. Courtland’s interest in photography started when he was young; his father enjoyed shooting the camera as a hobby. But his passion for photos kicked into high gear when he joined the Army and was introduced to another side of the world. Being stationed in Europe and deploying twice to Iraq gave Courtland a new perspective on the world, and photography was a way to preserve it as a reminder.

To him, photography is a way to capture a moment and suspend it in history. It is a tool to let people realize how truly awesome and crazy life can be, and a unique way to reflect on the past. Wedding photography is no different. During a wedding there can be so many iconic moments and powerful emotions floating around; it can be overwhelming for the newly weds, he feels grateful every time he is chosen to document such a special day! When he’s not shooting weddings or traveling a new country, you can find Courtland on the golf course, in the mountains with his dog, or watching watching football with friends.

You can see some examples of Courtland's artistry by following the link below.

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