Paul B.

Professional Officiant
It's a privilege to be part of the Colorado Wedding Productions team. I have a long history of hiking the mountains in the Estes Park area, and it's now a joy to officiate weddings among some of the most majestic scenery in the USA. I also have a long history of officiating weddings, having recently retired from a career serving as an ordained full-time minister. Being a Christian, my approach to weddings is based on the tradition of a wedding being a covenant made between two people and God. My wedding services celebrate the love of God based on Scripture. My challenge with every couple is to design a wedding service that celebrates God's love, honors the covenant being made, and tells the unique story of that couple and what has brought them to their wedding day. I wear a robe and a stole for most weddings as a symbol of my official status, which adds my own personal touch to the event.