Jason B.

Professional Photographer
Jason moved to Colorado in 2012 from the plains of South Dakota. For him, the beautiful seasonal weather and multiple weekend getaway locations right in his backyard made it easy to quickly call Denver “Home Sweet Home", and he's been committed to this great state ever since. Jason’s passion for photography started the moment he pulled his first camera out of the box. His healthy obsession to learn quickly molded his signature style - a keen eye for candid shots and an extreme talent for editing in lightroom and photoshop. Jason also has a strong presence in leading posed shots inside a wedding and coordinating family members, but it was these talents that lead Jason to a passion-fueled career in wedding photography. Jason shot his first wedding in 2015 and never looked back. He couldn’t be more excited to be a part of your wedding day and capture all of the emotion, laughter, tears of joy, epic backdrops, and beautiful people that make it. Even though Jason prides himself as a candid photographer, he loves getting on the same frequency and helping you to feel comfortable with the photo shoot. He uses direction in posing people and a constant eye for the best lighting to create that comfort and beautiful photographs at the same time. When the lighting isn't ideal, he'll utilize his off-camera lighting skills and many specialized lights to create both traditional and dramatic photos for all to cherish for years to come.